Flood Evidence Noah Ark   

The Bible tells us that because of man's exceeding wickedness, God judged humanity with a flood that covered “all the high hills under the whole heaven” (Genesis 7:19) and caused all air-breathing life, with the exception of Noah’s family and the animals aboard the ark, to perish. This was a cataclysmic flood that devastated the planet. If this event happened as Moses said and as Jesus and Peter affirmed (Matthew 24:39; 2 Peter 3:6), surely there should be some evidence for it. Is there? Yes.


"Evidence for the Flood: Fossil Graveyards and Extrabiblical Accounts" (or in Spanish)
by Charlie Campbell

"Answers to Questions about the Flood"
by Don Batten, Jonathan Sarfati, Ken Ham, and Carl Wieland

"Geologic Evidences for the Genesis Flood (Concise Overview)" by Andrew Snelling, Ph.D.

"A Universal Flood: 3000 BC" by David Livingston, Ph.D.

"Traditions of a Global Flood" by John D. Morris, Ph.D.

"High and Dry Sea Creatures (Sea life fossils on Mountain Tops)" by Andrew Snelling, Ph.D.

"Why Christians Should Believe in a Global Flood" by Henry Morris, Ph.D.

"The World's A Graveyard" by Andrew Snelling, Ph.D.

"The Flood of Noah and the Flood of Gilgamesh" by Frank Lorey, M.A.

"Are Fossils the Result of Noah's Flood?" by John D. Morris, Ph.D.

"Fossils are Found at All Levels" by ICR

"Chinese Dinosaurs Were Fossilized by Flood" by Brian Thomas, M.S.

Did Moses Borrow the Flood Story From a Babylonian Flood Story? by Nozomi Osanai

Is the Babylonian Account of the Flood and Ark the Real Account? by Brian Thomas, M.S.

"How Can the Chinese Dynasties Extend Back Many Thousands of Years (Before the Flood)?" by John Morris, Ph.D.

"How Could Noah Have Built the Arky by Himself?" by JohnD. Morris, Ph. D.

"Could Noah's Ark Hold all the Animals?" by Christian Apologetics Research Ministry

"Did Adam and Noah Really Live Long Lives, Over 900 Years?" by David Menton, Ph.D and Georgia Purdom, Ph.D



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