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ABR works closely with a great line up of teachers, pastors, authors, and Bible college instructors (including our own Charlie Campbell) who regularly speak at churches on a wide range of apologetic topics. If you are interested in having one of them speak at your church, conference, or retreat, email us at info [at] alwaysbeready.com.

What is the cost?

ABR asks that churches reimburse a speaker's travel expenses and prayerfully consider an honorarium of whatever amount they believe is appropriate.

Can we pick the speaker(s) or does ABR?

Whatever you prefer. The availability of each speaker depends on other teaching commitments but if you let us know the dates you are interested in, we can let you know who is available.

Can we pick the topics or do the speakers?

Whatever you prefer. We can email you a list of topics to choose from and we can also make suggestions. Here is a list of some of the available topics.

Can ABR help promote the event or teaching engagement?

Yes. ABR will promote the event on Twitter and Facebook. We can also design a flier for your specific event to help your church promote the conference in your community and online.

What is the purpose of having an ABR speaker?

As you know, the truth claims of the Christian faith are under assault today from every direction. We believe good apologetic teachings encourage Christians to continue walking in the truth, embolden believers for the task of evangelism, equip Christians to contend for the faith (Jude 3), and help establish them in the truth. We also believe apologetic messages are evangelistic in that they remove common obstacles to the gospel. Therefore, ABR engagements are great events to invite nonbelievers and skeptics to.

How do I schedule a speaker?

Email us at info [at] alwaysbeready.com.


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