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Critics who brush off the Bible as a compilation of mythology and legends, do so overlooking the fact that archaeologists have made thousands of discoveries over the past century that have verified hundreds of details in the Bible. The articles, audio, books, and videos below explain some of these exciting discoveries and why you can be confident in the Bible. For other lines of evidence for the reliability of the Bible, click here.


"A Concise Sampling of Archaeological Evidence for the Bible" by Charlie Campbell

"Archaeological and Extrabiblical Evidence for John the Baptist" by Charlie Campbell

"Archaeological Discovery in Megiddo Mentions Jesus" by Charlie Campbell

"Is there Archaeological Evidence for the Exodus?" by Charlie Campbell

Some Old Testament Events Corroborated by Extrabiblical Sources by Dr. Bryant Wood

"The Bible's Critics Were Wrong Again: Daniel and His Supposedly Invented King"
by Charlie Campbell

"The Date of Camel Domestication in the Ancient Near East" by T. M. Kennedy (A response to the New York Times article claiming there were no camels in Israel at the time of Abraham)

Why Christians Need to Stop Using Ron Wyatt's "Discoveries" as Evidence for the Bible: One, Two, Three

"Archaeology and the Bible: How archaeological findings have enhanced the credibility of the Bible" by John McRay

Does Archaeology Reveal Anything About the United Monarchy Under David and Solomon?
by Gary Byers

"Does Archaeology Support the Bible?" by Clifford Wilson

"Does Archaeology Support The Book Of Mormon?" by Luke P. Wilson

"Non-Mormon Archaeologists Speak on Book of Mormon Evidence"

"Did Moses Plagiarize from the Code of Hammurabi (Hammurapi)?" by Charlie Campbell

"Debunking 'The Exodus Decoded' Documentary" by Bryant Wood

"Is Mount Sinai in Saudi Arabia?" by Gordan Franz


Archaeology Bible 282px 
(DVD) by Charlie

Is the Bible a collection of fables and myths? Are the persons, places, and events in the Bible just fabrications by deceitful men? Many critics of Christianity think so, but archaeological discoveries show otherwise. Over the past two centuries, archaeologists have made thousands of discoveries that have helped to verify the exact truthfulness of the Bible's detailed records of various events, customs, persons, cities, nations, and geographical locations. This DVD by Charlie Campbell will introduce you to several of these fascinating Bible-affirming finds, both old and new. Length: 53 minutes.


ARCHAEOLOGICAL EVIDENCE FOR THE BIBLE: Exciting Discoveries Verifying Persons, Places and Events in the Bible (Book) by Charlie Campbell  

This full color book explores dozens of archaeological discoveries that have confirmed the trustworthiness of the Bible. You'll learn not only about the discoveries and their bearing on the reliability of the Bible, but also what the critics used to say before the discovery was made. Packed with approximately 90 photographs. 150 pages. 

Old Testament discoveries and topics include: the Genesis Flood, Israelites in Egypt, the Exodus, Jericho, Child Sacrifice to Molech, David, the Philistines, Nineveh, Hezekiah's Tunnel, Nebuchadnezzar, and more. 

New Testament discoveries and topics include: Herod the Great, John the Baptist, the Pool Bethesda, the Synagogue in Capernaum, Caiaphas, Pontius Pilate, Crucifixion in the first century, Rolling Tomb Stones, Jesus Christ, Persons and Places Mentioned by Luke, and more!

Available in full color, black and white, and Spanish full color. 

Science Bible 282px
(DVD or On-Demand Video) by Charlie Campbell

Has the Bible been disproved by scientific discoveries? Is the Bible hopelessly out-of-date? Critics of Christianity say yes. But the evidence says no. In this 50-minute video, Charlie Campbell lays out a case for the scientific accuracy of the Bible by looking at several ancient revelations in the Bible that revealed amazing facts about the Earth and the universe thousands of years before the invention of telescopes, satellites, deep-diving submarines, and all the other technology that finally allowed scientists in the last century or two to verify these revelations were correct! This video will surely strengthen your confidence in the accuracy and trustworthiness of the Bible!

Lost Tomb 150   

THE LOST TOMB OF JESUS: A Response to the Discovery Channel Documentary
(DVD) by Charlie Campbell

The Lost Tomb of Jesus, a two hour documentary that aired nation wide on the Discovery Channel, makes the startling claim that Jesus did not rise from the grave as the Bible says (e.g., Matthew 28:6) but that He died and was buried in a cave with His family, including His wife and child. The documentary, which claims to have DNA and statistical evidence in its favor, goes on to assert that the place where Jesus was buried has been discovered near Jerusalem. Could this be true? In this hour long presentation Charlie Campbell responds to the claims in the documentary and lays out compelling evidence that the Biblical account of the resurrection is actually true. This DVD contains many of the images that Charlie uses in his PowerPoint presentation.

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