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When and where did Islam begin? Who was Muhammad? What did he teach? Is Islam a peaceful religion? Can the Quran be trusted? If not, why not? Learn answers to these questions and more in the resources below.


"ISLAM: An Examination of the World's Second Largest Religion" by Charlie Campbell

The Origin and Founder of Islam
What's the Difference Between the Crusades and the Spread of Islam?
What's the Difference Between the slaughter of Canaanites and Spread of Islam?
The Growth of Islam in Our Time
Is Islam a Peaceful Religion?
Islamic Beliefs
Islamic Practices
The Quran: Evidence it is Not the Word of God
Suggestions on Sharing the Truth in Love With Muslims


Questions Muslims Ask Christians (with concise responses)

Do's and Don'ts When Reaching Out to Muslims

Insightful Q&A with Former Muslim Turned Christian Apologist, Abdul Saleeb

Why Islam Grows by Russell Moore

"The Alleged Divine Origin of the Quran: Pt. 1" (Pt. 2) by Dr. Norman Geisler

"Too Many Muslims Among Us Believe in Violence" by Franklin Graham (USA Today)

"Contradictions in the Quran"

"Errors in the Quran that Contradict Secular and Scientific Data" by Jay Smith

"Did Islam Spread by the Sword?" by Dr. Mark Hartwig

"Who is the Real Jesus: The Jesus of the Bible or the Jesus of the Quran?" by William Lane Craig

"Why is Christ Superior to Muhammad?" by Norman Geisler

"A Comparison Between Jesus and Muhammad" by Matt Slick

"Jesus or Muhammad: A Comparison..." by Silas at

"Muslims and the Crucifixion" by Toby Jepson

"Answers to Muslims' Seven Popular Questions and Objections to Christianity"

The Gospel of Barnabas: Is It Authentic? by Dr. Norman Geisler and Abdul Saleeb

The Gospel of Barnabas is a Forgery

"Jesus Christ vs. Muhammad"

The Quran (for research puproses)

Islam's Low View of Women by David Wood


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ISLAM: An Overview of the Second Largest Religion in the World (DVD) by Charlie Campbell
Where, when, and how did the world's second largest religion, Islam, come into being? What are its teachings? Are Allah and the God of the Bible the same God? Does the Qur'an advocate peace or violence? Could the Qur'an be an authentic revelation from God? If not, why not? What are the differences between Islam and Christianity? How should I go about witnessing to my Muslim friends and coworkers? In a teaching at Calvary Chapel South Bay, in southern California, Charlie Campbell answered these questions and others. DVD length: 70 minutes. This updated, second edition, contains many of the images that Charlie uses in his PowerPoint presentation. Click here to purchase.




Anyone interested in sharing the gospel with Muslim friends or understanding the doctrines and historical basis of Islam will appreciate this addition to the popular Reasoning from the Scriptures series. Using an easy–to–follow question–and–answer format, Reasoning from the Scriptures with Muslims covers issues, including:

•  Muhammad and Jesus Christ—what are their roles?
•  the Quran and the Bible—what kind of inspiration and authority do they have?
•  Islam today—what different groups exist, and how can Muslims be reached with the good news?

Each chapter examines a Muslim belief and compares it with biblical Christianity. Readers will find this an invaluable tool for discussing and sharing the words and life of Jesus Christ with Muslim friends and acquaintances. Paperback, 344 pages. Click here to purchase.

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