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•  We added a new article titled "Buddhism: An Overview and Response to" to our Buddhism section here.

•  We added a new article titled "Jesus: Mankind's Only Savior," here.

•  We added a new article titled "Concise Answers to Atheists' Objections to Jesus."

•  We added two new links to articles on Unitarian Universalists in our Miscellaneous topics section.


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NEW! The New Spirituality (DVD)

Millions of people today say, “I’m not religious, but I am spiritual.” Many of them have left behind the religions they were raised in and adopted several new beliefs being promoted by Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey, and others. Several of these beliefs come from what is known as “new age spirituality” or more recently, just “the new spirituality.” But are the beliefs really new? Will humans be reincarnated after death? Are we one with the universe? Are there no moral absolutes? Are all religions equal? Are humans divine? Charlie Campbell answers these questions and others in a visual presentation recorded before a live church congregation in San Juan Capistrano, California. 53 minutes. 2018 edition. Click here to purchase.

 One Minute Answers 300px

•  New book, "One Minute Answers to Skeptics"

 Evangelism video 400px3
•  Added a new DVD, "Evangelism in the Workplace" to our online store.

•  Updated the article, "Answers to Skeptics' Most Popular Questions and Objections About Hell" 

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•  We added a new book for kids (ages 6-11) called, "Dad, Does God Exist?" by Charlie Campbell

•  All of Charlie Campbell's DVDs are now available on a tiny USB flash drive. He explains below.

Click here for more details or to order.

•  We updated and expanded ABR's Research Gateway with additional links to helpful online resources.

•  We have been hard at work making the ABR website much easier to browse on mobile devices. Give it a try on your phone.

Evil Suffering DVD 200px

•  Added a new DVD, If God is Loving, Why is there Evil and Suffering? by Charlie Campbell, to our online store.

Archaeology Evidence Bible DVD

•  Added a new DVD, "Archaeological Evidence for the Bible" by Charlie Campbell, to our online store.

•  Updated the article: "Evil and Suffering Do Not Disprove God's Existence"

•  Updated the article: "Answers to the Cults' Attacks on Jesus' Deity"

Homosexuality DVD

•  Added a new DVD, "Homosexuality and the Bible: Answering Objections to the Biblical View" to our online store by Charlie Campbell.

•  Updated two articles "Evidence for God" and "Evidence for the Bible" by Charlie Campbell

•  Added two videos to our Miscellaneous section answering questions about women in pastoral ministry and the sabbath (are Christians required to keep the seventh-day sabbath?)

•  Added an article by Walt Heyer to our Homosexuality section

•  Added a new article by Russell Moore to our Pornography page

•  Added a new audio lecture by Norman Geisler to our Catholicism page











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