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Why would ABR include a section on parenting on an apologetics website? Statistics have shown that a lot of Christian kids (some say 50% or more) walk away from the Lord or fall away from fellowship with other Christians within just a few years of moving out of their parents' home. These statistics remind us that Christian parents need encouragement and instruction knowing how to raise their kids to love God and to continue walking with Him long after they leave the home.


"Wordly Threats to the Family" by Bob Hoekstra (Living in Christ Ministries)
Handout Outline

"Parents and Children" by Bob Hoekstra / Handout Outline


"The Duties of Parents" by J.C. Ryle (1816-1900) This is one of the single best articles on parenting we've seen. Spending an hour reading this article could save you a lifetime of heartache. Highly recommended! Print it out and give it to your friends with children.

"Firm Family Foundations Produce Fruit" by Ken Ham

"14 Ways for Christian Parents to Teach Kids About Atheism" by Natasha Crain

"9 Ways to Establish Sexual Norms for Your Children Before the World Does" by J.D. Thorne

"My Top Ten Apologetics Books for Young Adults" by Charlie Campbell

"iPhones, iPads, and Christian Parenting" by Russell D. Moore



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